Sporting Paddy: Tune 24 of 52

Every good sessioneer has a list — a running tab of all the tunes you’ve heard at a session and plan to learn for future sessions. Sometimes it’s just a tiny piece of paper you keep in your instrument case. Sometimes it’s a whole notebook. Other times, it’s just an imaginary collection of tunes to learn that consistently roll around in your head.

The unwritten rule is, the tune stays on the list until you learn it.

No matter what, the list never ends. It’s always evolving. The more you go to sessions, the more you listen to music, the more tunes you learn, the more tunes make their way onto the list.

This week’s tune, Sporting Paddy, has been on my list for quite some time. I’m sure if I tried, I could play bits and pieces of it at a session because I’ve heard it so many times. But it doesn’t actually come off the list until I’ve learned it in its entirety. So, here is the reel, Sporting Paddy. I hope you enjoy it:

Join me next week for tune #25 from A Tune A Week.

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