March Madness

March is always a crazy month for us Vermont Irish musicians. It’s usually when we play the most gigs, have the most Irish concerts to attend, and it’s when we get the most snow, making it a challenge to get to said gigs and concerts. But I won’t complain because it’s also the most fun. … More March Madness

The dust is reel

Now that we’re all vaccinated it’s been so fun to head out to the Wednesday night session at Radio Bean in Burlington, VT. And although I have been diligently practicing for the last year and learning new tunes, resurrecting old ones has been, well, interesting. Sometimes those old tunes have a bit of dust on … More The dust is reel

What the F?

Fiddlers love the keys of D and G but not so much the key of F. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because D and G are some of the first scales we learn early so we train our fingers and it sticks with us. Or maybe it’s because we just don’t like those damn … More What the F?

Keeping on task

Setting up a practice schedule is easy. Sticking to it is the hard part. Back in December I decided to embark on learning a tune a week for a year. I figured it would not only add 52 tunes to my repertoire but it would keep me on task with my practicing. And it has … More Keeping on task

Take time to heal

I’m late in recording this week’s tune and it’s all because of Simone Biles. Recently gymnast Simone Biles, walked away from the greatest competition in the world to honor her team, her body and her mental health. I can’t even fathom how much strength and courage that must have taken. She reminds us all that … More Take time to heal