For Pete’s sake!

During the holiday season, they usually play the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, over and over and over again on one network or another. For many years, I’d watch my dad watch this movie over and over again wondering if it was really that good. And then one day I sat down and watched it … More For Pete’s sake!

Learn faster

With all sorts of software that allows you to slow down a tune without changing the key, it makes it pretty easy to learn even the hardest of tunes. However, every now and then it is fun to try to learn a tune up to speed. It’s not always easy, as some tunes are so … More Learn faster

The dust is reel

Now that we’re all vaccinated it’s been so fun to head out to the Wednesday night session at Radio Bean in Burlington, VT. And although I have been diligently practicing for the last year and learning new tunes, resurrecting old ones has been, well, interesting. Sometimes those old tunes have a bit of dust on … More The dust is reel