Fermoy Lasses: Tune 11 of 52

This isn’t a new tune for me. I learned this tune many years ago and decided to bring it bring it back to life because it’s so fun to play. It’s call the Fermoy Lasses:

Since we I now have 11 more tunes under my belt, I decided to combine some of the tunes I’ve learned and put them into sets. Visit my instagram page (@sessionobsession) to view this set: The Fermoy Lasses/Alice’s Reel.

For more tunes subscribe to this blog on the right or subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Happy playing!

2 thoughts on “Fermoy Lasses: Tune 11 of 52

  1. Thank you for sharing your tunes – been great fun playing along – some I’ve known and some new –
    I was from NH but now reside on the west coast of Ireland – Connemara, Cashleen, Renvyle Co Galway – where everything is locked down due to covid and there are no sessions out – the link below is to a wonderful version of Neil Gow’s Lament which you might enjoy – Many Thanks (go raibh mile maith agat!) and best wishes – Victor Reno

    1. That is a beautiful version of Neil Gow’s. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for your kind words Victor! I hope to get back to Ireland once this pandemic is under control. And I hope we can all play in sessions someday soon. Take care and best wishes to you as well. – Katrina

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