Gravel Walks: Tune 7 of 52

This week’s tune is a Donegal tune called the Gravel Walks. I literally remember the first time I ever heard this tune. I was in a retail shop in Stowe, Vermont and they had some Celtic music CD playing in the background and this tune came on. I thought it was a cool tune so I learned it. That was probably 10+ years ago so I figured I would resurrect it and relearn it for you.

Years later I went to Glencomcille, in county Donegal Ireland for a week-long fiddle school, some years later and learned that this tune was named after this tiny rocky road between Ardara and Glencomcille, where locals from surrounding villages used to summer their sheep. Here is a little more information on the Gravel Walks.

I hope you enjoy my version:

Join me next week for tune #8 from A Tune A Week. If you have a tune you’d like me to learn, please leave it in the comments and I’ll put it in the queue.

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