Music that helps heal the world

Dylan Foley, FiddlerBeing a full time musician is one job you don’t do for the money. You do it for the love of music. You do it for the love of spreading your message. You do it so other people can enjoy the very thing you are so passionate about. Because after you pay for lessons, instruments, equipment, gas to get to your gig, being a musician isn’t really that profitable, unless you’re famous.

One of the things I love about Irish music and folk music in general, is that musicians take care of each other and their community and not only care about their music but care about the people who listen to it, and the people who don’t. I find Irish and folk musicians in general are some of the most generous people I know.

In the wake of the recent disasters in Puerto Rico and Mexico there are a few musicians who are doing their part to help out. All Ireland Champions fiddler, Dylan Foley, and multi-instrumentalist, Isaac Alderson, have just released an album of their music from a series of gigs performed at John D. McGurk’s pub in St. Louis. They will donate all proceeds from the sale of their album to natural disaster relief efforts for Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Irish Music Download

By downloading the album you’ll not only be buying some amazing Irish music, but you will be helping your fellow humans rebuild their lives.

Thank you to all the musicians out there making the world a better place and filling it with beautiful music.

Disaster Relief

If you’d like to donate directly to Puerto Rico and Mexico, here are some resources:



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