If it brings you joy…

As I write this, Mother Nature is bestowing upon us a good old fashioned snow storm. Despite the snow, spring is on its way, and I’ve already begun my spring cleaning. For the past few weeks I’ve been cleaning and purging, getting rid of cookbooks I never used, bike shoes that no longer fit, and old clothes that still have the tags on them.

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

During my cleaning extravaganza I noticed that I have two shelves in my office filled with CDs. Ninety percent of them are music I’ve collected at concerts, festivals or bought because I just love the artist. There are some Irish fiddle CDs (obviously), Cape Breton, some Scottish, and even some Bluegrass.

For the last 8 years these two shelves neatly packed with disc covers have been nothing but wall decor as I haven’t owned a CD player in years. I kept them because “I might want to listen to them some day.”

Well, guess what? That day has come.

I decided to take a step back in time and buy a portable CD player, bluetooth enabled. Call me old school but I just can’t part with these CDs. I love looking at the artwork and reading the liner notes. Plus I like knowing that by purchasing each of these CDs it helped support the artist as most of them I bought from the artist themselves.

So, I today broke out the new CD player and started listening to some old music and felt thankful that I didn’t throw them away. That was best fifty bucks I’ve spent in a quite some time. So while, I wasn’t so successful with clearing space on the bookcase, I was successful with keeping the things that bring me joy. And I think Marie Kondo would approve.

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