Every little bit counts

My trainer told me a story of how he was listening to his kids play Monopoly. One kid landed on one of those properties where rent was only $5. The other kid said “don’t bother paying me, it’s only $5.” As my trainer was listening to their conversation he thought “clearly this kid hasn’t worked out because if so, he’d know that every little bit counts.”

He’s right. Every little bit does count. It counts when you’re working out, it counts when you’re collecting money, and it counts in playing music.

Just think if you played for an extra 5 minutes a week. That’s an extra 4 hours a year. And if you played just 5 minutes more a day, that’s 30 more hours of practice a year. Now what if you practiced for 10 minutes more? 15 minutes? More?

My point is. You may not have an hour in your day every day to break out your instrument and get in a good practice, but even if you picked it up for just a few minutes a day or every other day, you’re gaining something, you’re learning something, you’re improving somewhere.

So even though $5 may not seem like much now, and even though 5 minutes doesn’t seem like a long time for practicing, it makes a difference. It adds up. Every little bit counts.

Dinky’s Reel: Tune 33 of 52

This week’s tune of the week is called Dinky’s reel. It’s one of my favorite tunes to play because I get to practice my cross-bowing in it. It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s upbeat and it goes pretty darn well with another one of my favorite reels called Mason’s Apron.

When I learned these tunes, the notes came easy but every day I had to practice my cross-bowing to make sure each note got the proper weight within the tune. I literally picked up my fiddle daily and just practiced the cross-bowing if I didn’t have time to play or to learn the tune.

I hope you enjoy.

Here is Dinky’s reel in a set with Mason’s Apron:

Join me next week for tune #34 from A Tune A Week.

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