Some Say the Devil is Dead: Tune 1 of 52


For some this pandemic has been an opportunity to catch up on house projects, crafts, or learn a new skill. For me, I’ve had moments of productivity and moments where I have barely left the couch (the 15 pounds of extra weight is proof of that). I can’t even count how many shows I’ve binge-watched on Netflix. It’s a little embarrassing.

Since the pandemic is not over yet and it’s likely to get worse before it gets better, I decided to really try to focus on practicing my fiddle. And honestly, I feel like I’ve seen pretty much everything on Netflix so what else is there to do?

Practicing alone takes commitment and discipline. I find unless I’m taking a class or preparing for a gig, I have less motivation to break out the fiddle. So I decided to commit to learning 52 tunes in a year. One a week for the next 52 weeks beginning today, December 1, 2020.

With the pressure of knowing that I have written down this commitment, published it to my blog and promised you a tune a week for the next year, I’m more likely to keep it going. I know it won’t be easy. There are always days I just don’t feel like playing. But I’m hoping this will motivate me and motivate you as well.

At the end of the 52 weeks, wouldn’t it be fun to all get together and play these 52 tunes together? I’m guessing we’ll all be in a different place come next December.

Today, I present to you, tune 1 of 52, Some Say the Devil is Dead. From what I found on the interwebs, this tune was actually derived from a song. I originally learned this tune as a highland a long time ago, which is a Donegal flavored tune that sounds similar to a strathspey with a dotted rhythm. The version I’m playing here, though, I learned from Kevin Burke which is played more like a barn dance or hornpipe. I’m playing this is in the key of A. Here is my version:

Tune in next week for tune #2 from A Tune A Week. Happy playing!

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