A tune a week coming to a computer screen near you

It’s been 9 months now that we’ve been social distancing, wearing masks, staying away from our families and friends. I have been playing my fiddle, learning tunes and working on my chops. I even took a singing class online. The time secluded has not been wasted.

That being said, aside from missing my friends and family, I miss playing music with others. I miss going to live shows. I miss festivals and just sitting in a bar enjoying a cocktail listening to local music.

With the pandemic getting worse, it looks like it will be a while before life goes back to normal and before we can enjoy the things that we hold dear. So let’s make the best of it! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Next year at this time we’ll be in a much different place, in a better place. I know it.

So starting in December, I pledge to learn a tune a week. From December to December that’s 52 tunes to add to my repertoire and hopefully yours. I’ll record them and put them on my blog weekly so you can join the fun. I’m hoping by the 52nd tune we’ll be able to play some of the tunes together, in real life, side by side.

If there is tune you’d like to learn or you’d like me to learn, let me know in the comments below and I’ll feature it in my weekly post.

Follow me on instagram: @sessionobsession.

I look forward to sharing this tune-learning journey with you.

In the meantime, I wish you a safe and healthy holiday season.

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