Winter Cape Breton Fiddle and Dance Camp

Troy MacGillivryI’ve always loved Cape Breton music and have visited the fiddle haven more than a few times. Not only are the people there one of the most hospitable people, but Cape Breton is like a fiddler’s Disneyland – everybody plays the fiddle and everybody dances. Who can blame them? The music is driving and when you listen to it, you can’t help but want to dance.

Next month, you can learn both, how to play Cape Breton music and how to dance, at the annual Winter Cape Breton Fiddle and Dance camp with fiddlers Andrea Beaton, Beth Telford, and Troy MacGillivray.

The workshop includes 3 days of music, dance, and fun. Sleeping bag accommodations are included, although people are welcome to stay elsewhere if they desire. Check-in and orientation begin at 10:00am Saturday morning. The workshop concludes at 4:30pm on Monday. Bring your own lunch for the first day. Also, in an effort to keep the registration fee low, there will be a potluck dessert and snack system for the weekend. Other than that, meals will be provided.

When: February 22-24, 2020
Where: Pond Village, Brookfield, VT (near the floating bridge)
Cost: $325. However, if a $100 non-refundable deposit is made by January 31st the cost is $285. For the first 10 people who make a deposit, the cost is $265.
Registration: Pre-registration is required. To send your deposit, send a check to Beth Telford at 1060 Bent Hill Road, Braintree, VT 05060 (or cash in person).

For more information, please call Beth at: 802-728-6351.


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