The drippy side of the flute

Christy Barry, flute playerIf you’ve ever played at a session and sat next to a flute player, you know full well what the drippy side of the flute is. It’s not pretty, the condensation, I mean. The sound of a good flute player is, however.

Though the drip can be a drag, listening to the flute sing effortlessly in your ear can be quite mesmerizing and worth the drip.

There is something about the sound of a flute, that almost feels like a massage for your ears. It has this woody tone that is full and sweet and I’m not sure it can be replicated.

If you are lucky enough to play this beautiful instrument and want to improve your chops, flute and whistle player extraordinaire, Christy Barry will be giving a master class for Irish traditional flute players from 11am-4pm at the Florence Civic Center in Northhampton, MA. The cost is $50. Preregistration is required as spaces are limited. For information on email Sally or visit the Facebook page.

Here’s a little info about Christy:

“Christy Barry is a flute and whistle playing legend. He is an “All Ireland ” champion and the recipient of the lifetime achievement award for contribution to music in Doolin 2015. He is a regular at local sessions, and is part of the duo known as Doolin Music House. He teaches at the Willie Clancy summer school and privately. This master class is open to flute players of intermediate ability and above.” 

I’m sure in this master class, you’ll learn all sorts of ways to make that instrument sing.

As for the drippy side of the flute, well there is not much we can do about that except pick your seat wisely at the next session.

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