100th Anniversary of the Easter Rising

Easter risingI didn’t grow up in a very religious family. We were not required to go to church on Sundays but we did celebrate Christmas eve and Easter at church every year. Easter for us as kids was more about waking up to a basket filled with candy that some imaginary bunny delivered, a big dinner with family and the Easter Bonnet parade on TV. But this time of year represents so much more.

This Easter, is a special year as it marks the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland. To help commemorate the event there will be a gathering on Sunday, March 27 at 1:00pm outside Burlington City Hall. All are invited to attend.

The following was written by Cathal Lyons:

The Easter Rising was an event which marked the beginning of a movement which led to Ireland gaining its independence from the United Kingdom. The Easter Rising took place during Easter week, and began with the reading of the Irish Proclamation on the GPO in Dublin by Padraic Pearse. The proclamation set out Ireland’s desire for independence and how the rights of all citizens should be recognized equally in the new Republic.

A number of strategic buildings around Dublin were occupied and week-long battle ensued with the insurgents eventually surrendering. This was followed by the execution of the leader of the revolution. The martial law that came afterwards, as well as internment of citizens in prisons across the United Kingdom, brought the country together in Ireland’s fight for independence over the coming years.

The event is being celebrated throughout 2016 all over the world and a few of us Irish in Burlington will be celebrating the event with a reading of the proclamation outside City Hall in Burlington and followed up with some festivities and fun in RiRa’s. This will take place on Sunday 27th of March at 1pm.

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