Tunes in The Tap Room

I believe music is magical. It can improve your health, your mood, your life. It can express deep emotions. It can make you feel good playing it and it can make someone else feel good listening to it. But can it make beer taste good? We think so.

This week we had the opportunity to play at my friend’s new brewery, Four Quarters Brewing. We weren’t playing for the public though, we were practicing “in the tap room” just for fun while they brewed their Irish Red ale. I’m not sure our music will make the beer actually taste better, what they brewed already tasted pretty darn good, but it sure brought a festive feel to the brewing process and we’re hoping some of our Irish-ness dripped off into the mix.

Here are some photos from the evening:

Click on the photo to start the slide show.

Though the brewery is not yet open to the public they will be opening soon. And they expect their Irish ale to be ready around St. Patrick’s Day. Check out their Facebook page for updates at

by Katrina VanTyne

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