7 Last minute gift ideas for an Irish musician

Irish musicianThere are a few things that make Christmas shopping challenging for me – fighting the traffic to get anywhere, standing in long lines to pay and it seems that whenever I am out trying to find gifts for someone else, I always seem to find things I need instead of something for the person I’m buying for.

So I figured I would give you a list of things you could easily buy for the Irish musician in your life. Here are 7 ideas:

  1. Concert Tickets – Specifically tickets to the Teetotallers as a part of the Lane Series. If you haven’t seen these guys yet this show is a must see. Check out my write-up on them.
  2. Gift Certificate – Gift certificate to the local pub that hosts a weekly session such as Bagitos or Radio Bean so that when we are sessioning we can buy food and drinks. You could also buy a gift certificate to the Violin shop so we can buy extra strings and things.
  3. Extra Strings –  Speaking of strings…Everyone should have an extra set of strings in case one breaks (I use Evah Pirazzi in case you were wondering) 😉
  4. Music Subscription – Subscription to Pandora or Spotify so we can listen to all our favorite tunes and songs.
  5. Liquor – A bottle of Jameson is always a nice gift because the more we drink the better we sound – at least we think so. Guinness goes a long way too.
  6. Magazine Subscription – I’m sure there are other music magazines but my favorite is  Fiddler Magazine.
  7. Raffle Ticket – A raffle ticket to win a trip to Ireland as a part of the the Burlington Irish Heritage Festival.

I hope this helps make your last minute shopping that much easier. Have a safe and happy holiday!

by Katrina VanTyne

2 thoughts on “7 Last minute gift ideas for an Irish musician

  1. Hi Katrina,
    Thanks for putting the BIHF raffle tickets on your list; of course I gave you the winner already!
    Happy New Year!

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