Winterizing your instrument

instrument careWhen strings are a popping, wood is a cracklin’ and you can’t keep your instrument in tune, you know it can only mean one thing – winter is back. Though I love the crisp winter air after a fresh snowfall, it surely takes a toll on one’s instrument.

The dry winter air can cause your strings to unravel, wood to crack, glue to weaken and suddenly what was a beautiful instrument becomes a product of Christmas past.

The winter months can wreak havoc on your instrument. So here is my yearly reminder of what to do to keep your instrument safe during the harsh winter season:

  • Quench the thirst – Your instrument is thirsty during the winter months. Keep an instrument humidifier filled with water in your case at all times so as not to dry it out.
  • Humidify – Use a room humidifier in your room and keep the humidity level of 40-50%.
  • Step away from the heat – Keep your instrument away from heaters, fireplaces, wood stoves, or anything else that could dry your instrument out. It’s best to keep your instrument in a moist room with a humidifier.
  • Settle down – If you’re bringing your instrument from the car to a session and it’s bitterly cold outside, be sure to let it sit for a minute and acclimate to the temperature of the room before you break it out and start playing. Let it settle in.
  • Don’t leave it out in the cold – The bitter cold can make your instrument crack. It is best to bring it with you where you go or leave it home.  If you don’t like to be left out in the cold, neither does your instrument.

I hope this helps and you and your instrument have a very safe and fun winter.

Happy holidays!

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