A weekend filled with Irish music

This past St. Patrick’s Day was yet another fun weekend filled with some amazing music. The weekend for me started off at the weekly Irish session at Bagitos, where piper Michael Cooney generously shared some tunes. The place was so packed with musicians it was hard to find a seat.

What is fun about this session is that many great musicians from near and far are always stopping by for some tunes. If you like traditional Irish music, this is the place to be every Saturday from 2-5pm.

Here are some photos from last weekend, thanks to Annabel!

Irish Session at Bagitos
From left to right: Flora’s Fiddle, Bryan Byrne, Michael Cooney, Benedict Koehler, Hillary Farrington, Sarah Blair
Irish Pipes
Two pipers piping…
Traditional Irish Music
Benedict & Hilary
It's kind of like typing...only different.
It’s kind of like typing…only different.

And if that wasn’t enough here are some photos of various bands and musicians playing outside at Ri Ra on St. Patrick’s Day 2013:

St. Patrick's Day
Ruarri and Mike Serpa
Joe Cleary
Joe Cleary of Campanella Strings
Irish Harp
Rob Ryan, Ruarri Serpa & Dominique Dodge
Irish Band Vermont
Katrina VanTyne, Owen Myers & John McKelvy of Green Corduroy


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