6 Gift ideas for the musician in your life

What to get a musicianAre you wondering what to get me, ahem, I mean, the musician in your life for Christmas? I thought I would make it easy for you with this handy-dandy list:

  1. Donation – Make a donation in their name to a non-profit music program like the Landfill Harmonic where people make instruments out of trash.
  2. Strings – It’s always smart to have an extra set of strings in your case.
  3. Software – Transcribe or the Amazing Slow Downer, is great software that slows down a tune but keeps it in the same key so you can easily learn fast tunes.
  4. Music – An iTunes gift certificate is always welcome because we can never have enough music.
  5. Gift Certificate – We love gift certificates to the Violin Shop so we can buy anything we want.
  6. Music Classes at the Local Traditional Music School – Although be careful with this one, you don’t want your musician to think they need lessons.

I hope this helps you with your Christmas shopping.

Happy Holidays!

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