Calling all Irish musicians!

This year we need you!!! Come play at a live session at the Annual Festival Ceili during Burlington’s Irish Heritage Festival. (Ceili means an informal social gathering with music, dancing and singing). The Annual Festival Ceili is fun for the whole family with Irish stepdancing and some of Vermont’s finest Celtic musicians play in a live session. So break out your instrument and come play with us.

The Ceili takes place each year at Contois Auditorium in Burlington from 1-3pm. All Irish musicians are welcome to play and it’s open to the public.

For musicians who have not yet played in this session here are some common tunes that are usually played. This by no means is a set list but it will at least give you a place to start.

Hope to see you on Sunday.

1 Silver Spear D / Banshee G / Humours of Tulla D
2 Trip to Durrow D / Swingin on a Gate G /Star of Munster Am
3 Cooley’s Em / Cup of Tea Em
4 Golden Keyboard Em / Green Mtn D
5 Hunters House G / Man of the House Em
6 My Love is in America D / Lafferty’s Em
7 Sally Gardens G / Father Kelly’s G / Wise Maid D
8 Musical Priest Bm / Earl’s Chair D
9 McLeods G / Fermoy Lasses Em
10 Merry Blacksmith D / Dick Gossip D / Rollin in Rye grass D
11 Ormond Sound Ador/ Floating Crowbar Dmix / The Virginian D
12 Come West Along the Road G / Old Copperplate Am
13 Traveller G / Ash Plant Em / Over the Moor to Maggie G

21 Kesh G / Mug of Brown Ale Am / Out on the Ocean G
22 My Darlin Asleep D  Connaughtman Ramble D / Tobins Fav D
23 Old Favorite G / Morrison’s Em / Donnybrook G
24 Scatter the Mud Am / Trippin upstairs D / Mist on the Mtn Am
25 Blackthorn Stick G / Rose in the Heather D / Boys of the Town G
26 Goat on the Green Em / Pipe on the Hob Dmix
27 Banish Misfortune Dmix / Cliffs of Moher Am
28 Tommy Mulhaire’s Em /  Anthony Frawleys G

Coleraine    Swallowtail    Off she goes   Blarney Pilgrim   Sport
Tar Road to Sligo   Sean Ryans   Battering Ram
Garett Berry’s   First Night in America   Newtown Bridge
Concertina Reel   Far from Home   Christmas Eve   Craig’s Pipes
Mountain Road  Mason’s Apron  Old Bush  Sligo Maid

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