Enjoying the white space

There is beauty in the white space. Whether its art, advertising or music, that empty space can enhance an experience. You don’t have to use every color or play every note for something to be beautiful. In fact some of the most beautiful tunes have a break in them and some of the most touching pieces of art are the simplest of pictures.

The same holds true at a session. There are definitely different sets of core tunes played at each session so unless you frequent the same session every week, there are going to be moments where you don’t know the tune and you have to sit one or two out. This doesn’t mean you have to stomp your feet or slap your hands or, God forbid, pick up the spoons because you feel left out. This is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of a session, listen to a new tune or just relish in the white space.

Listening can sometimes be the best part. I think too many times we get wrapped up in thinking that we have to be participating at every moment in order to enjoy the session. But I dare you to take a step back and take a view from a different angle. You may just like what you find.

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