Learn faster

With all sorts of software that allows you to slow down a tune without changing the key, it makes it pretty easy to learn even the hardest of tunes. However, every now and then it is fun to try to learn a tune up to speed.

It’s not always easy, as some tunes are so darn fast it’s almost impossible to decipher one note from the other. But other tunes such as this week’s Tune of the Week, a march called Napoleon Crossing the Alps, can be a doable challenge.

The good thing about slowing a tune down is that you can really hear each note. The good thing about learning it up to speed is, you learn the rhythm and the essence of the tune.

I spent some time learning this week’s tune up to speed. Because it is a march and a little slower than a reel, it was a little easier to learn but still a good exercise.

I love this tune. I hope you do too:

Napolean Crossing the Alps: Tune 50 of 52

Only 2 more tunes! I am hoping to have them learned and recorded before December hits. Stay tuned!

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