Listen, learn, play

Recently, I’ve been attending a local session on Wednesday nights. There is really nothing like a session to not only keep you on your toes but to introduce you to new tunes, and force you to practice old ones. A session is not just about playing the latest tune you learned, it’s also about listening to others, learning new tunes, and sharing the ones you love to play.

Back in the day I used to keep a small notebook and pencil in my fiddle case so when I heard a tune that I liked, I’d write the name of it down and go home and learn it. Now I do everything with my iPhone from recording tunes at sessions to keeping my running list of tunes to learn. The list never ends.

This week’s tune is a jig called The Coleraine Jig or Coleraine’s Jig. I heard it at the session last week and just had to learn it. It has a bit of a Halloween feel to it so I thought it only appropriate to learn it during the Halloween season.

Here it is. I hope you like it as much as I do:

Join me next week for tune #47 from A Tune A Week. I have a few tasty tunes to learn in the next few weeks so stay tuned. 🙂

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