Mothers and Daughters

I had only been playing the fiddle for 5 years when I wrote my first tune. I called it Mothers and Daughters. I wrote it for my mother on her 50th birthday. It was one of only two tunes I’ve ever written (the other was for my dog).

As a child I always wanted to play the violin but because we didn’t have much money I never got the opportunity until later in life when I could afford it on my own. I wanted to write a tune to celebrate my mom’s birthday and showcase all that I learned on the fiddle as an adult. I’m guessing the tune wasn’t that good though since I never played it again and can’t remember a note.

Unfortunately, the only recording I had of the tune was on a cassette tape and Lord only knows what happened to that. Even if I could find the tape I wouldn’t have anything to play it on. So the tune is gone. Created, learned, played, shared and now forgotten.

The moment though, will never be forgotten. I remember exactly what I was wearing, I remember who was there and I remember the smile on my mother’s face when she learned that I wrote her a tune on her birthday.

10 Years ago this week, my mom passed away. And though I haven’t written another tune since, I’d like to play a Scottish air called Hector the Hero, which is the tune I played for her at her memorial service in place of the tune I wrote.

So here’s to you mom, I love and miss you every day.

Hector the Hero: Tune 28 of 52

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2 thoughts on “Mothers and Daughters

  1. Katrina, lovely thoughts and I’ve always liked Hector the Hero. Maybe your tune will come to mind unexpectedly some time.


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