Podcast: Learning Tunes By Ear

Photo by Simon Leonardo on Pexels.com

Traditional music has been passed down by ear from generation to generation. It’s one the reasons I love this music. It’s like a secret that get’s passed from one person to the other. It’s a story that your parents heard from their parents, they pass it along to you and you pass it along to your kids, and on it goes. It’s what makes this music magical.

But learning tunes by ear is a discipline. And just like any other discipline, it’s hard, it’s tedious and it takes practice. If you’re used to reading the notes then learning by ear can be quite the challenge. Here are a few tips to help you get through learning tunes by ear:

Making Practice Easier Session Obsession

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  1. Making Practice Easier
  2. 5 Tips to learning tunes by ear

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Happy playing!

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