New Session in Calais

As the days get shorter and winter begins to blanket the mountains in white, it’s always so tempting to play and practice in the warmth of your own home. The thing is its so much more fun to play with others and there are plenty of opportunities to get out to a session. And next week there is one more.

Starting next week, there is a new session in town. On Thursday, November 21, the band Footworks will host a session at The Whammy Bar in Calais.

About the Session

Irish sessionIn order to promote Celtic music, Footworks is starting an open session for Cape Breton, Scottish, and Irish music at the Whammy Bar in Calais on Thursday. The session will be conducted in a round-robin style, allowing each musician the opportunity to lead tunes of his/her choosing.

Date: Thursday, November 21, 2019
Time: 7-9:30pm
Location: The Whammy Bar 31 W County Rd Calais, VT

All musicians and listeners are welcome.

About Footworks

Celtic BandInspired by the high-energy music of Cape Breton Island, Footworks is a dynamic, Vermont-based instrumental band dedicated to playing tunes that embody the powerful rhythm and beautiful melodies of Cape Breton music.

With Jake Brillhart on fiddle, Jon Brillhart on the whistle, and Tory Heft on guitar, Footworks pays homage to the beauty and vitality of traditional Celtic music.

Find Footworks on Facebook.


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