Bellows Bagpipe Concert

Piper and fiddlerI am always mesmerized when watching pipers play. In my humble opinion, pipes are one of the hardest instruments to play well. You not only have to learn the notes and melodies on the chanter but you got to figure out how to keep air in the bag at all times so that you can get the notes and melodies out. If you’re a Scottish piper you have to use your breath to fill the bag and if you’re an Irish piper (or Uilleann piper) or you play the small pipes, you use your arm to pump air in. Either way, it seems like a lofty task and I’m always amazed at how easy they make it look.

If you enjoy watching pipers play, you won’t want to miss the Bellows Bagpipe concert with Ben Miller, Anita MacDonald, and Tim Cummings, (Instructors from Càirdeas, the Vermont Bellows Pipe School) and friends. They will be playing traditional Scottish, Cape Breton, Northumbrian and English tunes on Scottish Small Pipes, Border Pipes, Northumbrian Pipes, and English Pipes.

When: Wednesday, July 24, 2019 at 7:30pm.
Where: At the Huntington Town Hall, in Huntington Center, VT, 05462.
Cost: By donation to help support musicians
Parking: Please park on East side of Main Road only, respecting neighbors driveways. More parking is available across the street in front of the Town Office, on the South side of the Fire Station (not in front!) and below the Fire Station at the Rec Field.     

Hope to see you there.

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