An open letter to my late mom, about music

Happy birthday Mom. Today you would have been 74 years old and wearing purple, according to your favorite poem.

I wanted to take the time, on your birthday, to let you know just how much influence you had on me when it comes to music. Though you weren’t a musician yourself, you introduced me to all types of wonderful music that eventually brought out the musician in me.

Growing up in our household, there was always records playing in the background and dare I say it, 8-track tapes playing in the car. One song I remember always listening to in your little white Volkswagen Bug that you had to push down the driveway while Kim put it in gear to get it started, was Charlie on the MTA by the Kingston Trio. I’m not sure if you know this, but we played this in my very first band, Trinity, and it always made me think of you.

There are so many other bands and musicians that still to this day warm my heart when I hear them on the radio because it brings me back to my childhood and fond memories of you. Some of them include the Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Simon & Garfunkel, Cat Stevens, Elton John, Phil Collins and of course, Neil Diamond. When I hear some of their songs I can still here you singing along to them and “sh-ing” with the beat when you didn’t know the words.

This one was one of my favorites because, yes, we’d all be better off forever in blue jeans:

Though the music I play now doesn’t quite fit into the same genre as the bands I listened to growing up, I have to believe that some of my groove comes from what I heard then. And I believe my appreciation for the feeling music evokes comes from the passion you showed me for good music. I also think part of the reason why I picked up the fiddle is because of all those ballet lessons you sent me to where I danced to classical violin music. I always loved the violin.

Well here we are today, on your 74th birthday and I still miss you like crazy. But I’m so thankful to have so many wonderful memories that live in my heart and live in my music. So thank you for bringing music into my life.

Happy birthday Mom. I love you always.



6 thoughts on “An open letter to my late mom, about music

      1. Yes — and we keep loving them, especially in our loss — and somehow they find a way to break through. A song, a rainbow, a way they find to reach across the veil, and encourage us :)) I loved your post! And I know your Mom did, too :))

  1. Of all the posts you’ve made, this is my favorite. I remember listening to Pink Floyd with her.
    She was a good woman and she had good kids. She’s still proud of you, I’m sure. -John

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