Making music to comfort the dead

Today is a very sad day. In the town I live in, a 3-year-old boy named Parker Berry passed away after being lost at daycare and found drowned in a local brook. Though I don’t know the whole story or the little boy, this hits close to home as it happened in my little town.

Living with the loss of my mother, I can’t even imagine what it is like to lose your own child. It’s not the natural process. My heart goes out to the family for this unspeakable loss. It also goes out to the daycare who was in charge of taking care of the child and who I’m sure is also feeling a loss beyond words. This is truly a tragedy.

Some believe that it take three days for the soul to move on and music can help in the passing. So today, as I play some tunes at a book fair in Richmond, I will dedicate our performance to this little boy and his family.

In the meantime, I dedicate this song to you, Parker. May you rest in peace and may your journey be safe and filled with love.

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