Music is the cure for the stick season blues

Waxwing Four - male quartet

Music makes you happy. It’s true. Music causes the release of dopamine, a “feel-good” chemical in your brain. So listening to music literally makes you happy.

That’s why during this time of year when the days become shorter, cooler and we enter into what us Vermonters like to call “stick season,” I try to immerse myself in as much music as I can.

Luckily, just as fall is waning and winter begins to pop up on the horizon, the music doesn’t stop around these parts. There are still house parties, sessions and great concerts to go to that will lift your spirits and make you forget that we’re entering the dark months.

This weekend be sure to check out The Waxwing Four who are sure to make your heart smile with their jubilee gospel, Appalachian folk hymns, shape notes, and yes, even Prince. They are a male quartet stemming from the Vermont and Boston area and include Stefan Amidon (bass), Adam Jacob Simon (baritone), Wheaton Squier (tenor), and Brendan Taaffe (2nd tenor).

Have a listen:

Though the band just recently got together back in March, they are no strangers to the music scene around New England. While performing and participating in various circles of musical projects, the band got formed as a small circle of singers interested in the same kind of obscure stuff, said Brendan Taaffe. Some of the band members were participating in Northern Harmony, a semi-professional touring ensemble, and decided they loved singing the men’s part of this ensemble so they ventured out on their own to form The Waxwing Four.

This weekend’s concert will be celebrating the release of their new album of which you can listen to and buy here.

Here are the details of the concert:

Concert: The Waxwing Four
Location: Four Corners School House, East Montpelier
Time: 7:30pm
Suggested Donation: $10-$15

Other music concerts and workshops coming up:

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