Heading to Ireland

glencolmcille, Ireland
Photo: glenfolkvillage.com

My music has taken me to places around the world like Scotland, Switzerland, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. This time it’s taking me to a tiny town on the northwest corner of Ireland called Glencolmcille.

I’ll be spending a week at a fiddle school there studying the Donegal-style tradition and then traveling around the countryside to view the scenery, make some friends and share a tune or two along the way.

The fiddle school I’ll be enjoying is called Cairdeas na bhFidiléirí which means “friendship or association of fiddle players.”

The week starts with an audition on Monday so they can properly place you with the right teacher according to your ability. Classes run from 10-2pm every day with concerts and dances at night all centered around Donegal music.

I’ll be blogging throughout my trip so feel free to check back for stories and photos or sign up for email and get a my stories delivered right to your inbox (I don’t sell my list).

I head out on Friday. Let the journey begin.

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