Trust the notes, remember the feeling

Recently, I was at a session and there was a woman playing Uillean pipes. While she played, she closed her eyes and let her head and upper body dance ever so slightly to the music. She let the tunes run right through her like it was something she couldn’t actually control. It was almost as if the pipes were just a tool to help her get that feeling out. The music was effortless and she was mesmerizing to watch.

This experience was a good reminder of why I play music. It’s really not about the notes or the number of tunes I know. It’s about how the music makes me feel when I play it. My fiddle is just a tool to express those feelings. Yet, I sometimes spend so much time trying to remember the notes and wondering whether or not they are going to sound good, that I forget to actually express them.

This is a picture me me playing recently at a benefit concert with my friend Harold.

Fiddle Music

I posted it to Facebook and one of my friends wrote:

This is my favorite picture of you at play! Normally you look all serious and concentrating, this one makes you look like you are FEELING the music! Love it!

Music is so great because it evokes emotions in both the person playing and the person listening. It’s a relationship that is hard to put into words. But the greatest people to watch and listen to are the people who clearly love what they are playing and have the courage to just play it from the heart.

This picture of me is one of very few where I am actually expressing what I’m feeling. But I am going to keep it around as a reminder to feel the music and forget about the notes. My fingers know where to go, I just got to trust them.

6 thoughts on “Trust the notes, remember the feeling

  1. Miles Davis said
    “there are no mistakes”

    I believe him, glad you are going with it, the rhythm of music is also a set of waves that transcends.

  2. Wonderful post , Katrina. I agree that it’s a fantastic photo of you playing- very evocative and joyful!

    (I’m forwarding this to the Zeichners- the way you described the uilleann piper, exactly describes the way Luli (sp?) plays banjo- I saw her in the Young tradition Vermont Showcase back in February at Contois Auditorium.)

    Thanks, Elizabeth

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