Winter is here so be kind to your instrument

Instrument Care

Winter has officially arrived here in Vermont. Today, I broke out the puffy jacket, it was cold and snowy. It won’t be long before we’re riding down the mountain on snowboards humming our favorite tunes while dodging skiers and flat-landers (I can say that cause I was one). I can’t wait.

With cooler days and the lovely white stuff well on its way, you need to take extra special care of that instrument of yours. Here are some helpful reminders to keeping your instrument in tact during the winter months:

  • Humidify – Use an instrument humidifier in your case and be sure to keep it filled with water.
  • Let it Acclimate – When  you are transporting your instrument let it acclimate to its surroundings before taking it out of the case and playing it.
  • Don’t leave it in the car – need I say more?

It’s really quite simple hydrate and keep out of extreme temperature changes. Oh, and play it as much as you can. 🙂

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