How will you spend the new year?

Every year I resolve to not have new year’s resolutions. Most of the time it’s because I come up with resolutions that are completely unrealistic and destined to fail. You know, like practicing my scales on a daily basis, or working out every day. Yeah, not so much.

To avoid failure, I usually just promise myself not to make any promises in the new year. This has worked quite well in years past. But this year, things are a’ changin’.

This year, I’m going to make some new year’s resolutions, but only two. I’m going to write them here today so that they are on record and therefore, I will have to follow through.  Here they are. Drum roll please…

  1. I will write the first draft of that book I’ve been promising to write, pretty much most of my life. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it has to be written.
  2. I will spend more time sharing my music. Whether its a session, a show or a street performance. I will play out more than I did in 2011. (This is a round about way of pushing myself to practice more – but hey whatever works).

So now that I have written down my new year’s resolutions. Tell me what yours are.

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