It takes two

It really only takes a good attitude, some confidence and another person to make a great session. It really only takes two.

Like people, sessions come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you have so many musicians that when you’re sitting on the outside of the circle you’re so far away from the center you find you’re a measure behind. Other times its so intimate you could hear a pin drop in between each tune. But what makes a great session is the quality of the music and whether or not musicians and listeners are having a good time.

This week marks the annual Irish Arts week in the Catskills which is where most traditional Irish music lovers spend their summer vacation, so it is no surprise to me that only four of us showed up at the session at Bagitos this week. Though it was a small session, the essence of the music carried through as we played our favorite tunes. With three fiddles and one guitar we we played our hornpipes, jigs and reels and even some slower tunes to round it all out. It was a great night of dusting off old tunes and playing until our hearts content.  Sometimes it only takes a few to make a great session.

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