Trying something new

Irish Session New HampshireThere is a famous quote that reads “today, do something that makes you feel uncomfortable.” We often get caught up in doing the same old thing, playing the same old tunes and going to the same old sessions. Don’t get me wrong, there is joy in playing in your comfort zone. But every now and again its nice to venture out and try something new, head to a new session, unveil a new tune.

This past weekend I attended a session in Rochester, NH at a place called Mel Flanagan’s. Most sessions I go to these days consist of tune playing with an occasional song here and there. This particular session was a song-singing, music-playing, good old fashion mixed session where we just went around the circle (or table) and everyone contributed a song or tune, whatever tickled their fancy.

Though it wasn’t the kind of session I was used to it was still fun to be able to participate, listen to something new and make some new friends. Here is a little taste:

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