An Irish session in Durango, CO

Irish Session in DurangoWhenever I travel, I base whether or not I like the place by whether or not they have an Irish pub. Luckily I find that pretty much every place I’ve gone has an Irish pub and most even have a session or two going on while I’m visiting.

Recently, I visited Durango, Colorado and the very first day I spent there, I found The Irish Embassy Pub and guess what? They were having an Irish session. I knew this was going to be a fun town. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my fiddle with me but I did get to enjoy a delicious mimosa (it was just too early for a Guinness) while listening to some familiar tunes. In this session there were a handful of fiddlers, flute players, a few guitarists, a mandolin player and stand up bass player, to name a few. The music was so lively some patrons even got up and danced.

The great thing about traditional Irish music is, its like a language that no matter where you go you’re bound to be able to speak it. They played tunes like Sally Gardens, Silver Spear, Trip to Durrow and more, had I only brought my fiddle…

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