A Tune for Kaye

I’ve always felt that music is both soothing to the soul and spiritual. It can transcend you to a different time and place whether you’re playing the music or just listening to it.

This past weekend I lost a friend and colleague to a tragic car accident. The first thing I did was turn to my music. Both to help her soul along its path and to try to make sense of this tragedy. Some believe that it takes three days for the soul to leave the body and that music helps carry it along. So here I play my tunes for you, Kaye. May you pass through with all the happiness and joy you passed through to us. You were an inspiration and will be sorely missed.

Below is one of my favorite songs by the Wailin’ Jenny’s. It’s called Long Time Traveller and its about the hope of heaven. I hope you finished your journey to heaven, Kaye. You will forever remain in the melody of my music.

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