New Irish sessions in Vermont

I am happy to announce that the session scene is growing in Vermont. There are two new sessions to check out in the Middlebury area beginning this month:

  • January 28 – 51 Main in Middlebury from 8-10pm hosted by Matt Floyd. It will continue on the first Wednesday of each month while college is in session. There is a bar and good food.
  • February 11 at the Waybury Inn in East Middlebury from 8-10pm. The next one will be Tuesday, March 17th and continue on the 2nd or 3rd Wednesdays

Please spread the word!

4 Common Misconceptions of an Irish Session

by Katrina VanTyne

If you’re not versed in Irish music and you happen to stumble into a place like Bagitos on a Saturday afternoon when the place is filled with musicians, you might not know exactly what to make of it. There is definitely an art to sessioning and a few unwritten rules you should know before you either jump in and play or call your friends to come listen to the band.

Here are 4 common misconceptions of an Irish session:

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